More renters can't afford to buy, Airbnb hosts fined $200,000, & more

By Nathan Tempey  | April 4, 2018 - 11:00AM

Two thirds of renters say they can't afford to become homeowners (The Real Deal via Wall Street Journal)

Why it pays to have an accountant on your co-op board (Habitat)

Hedge funder couple revealed as the buyers of a $60 million apartment at 432 Park Ave. (The Real Deal via Wall Street Journal)

Yards in the city to drool over (Apartment Therapy)

The operators of two illegal hotels in Manhattan must pay $200,000 in fines (The Real Deal via Politico)

Seattle is going to allow developers to build housing without off-street parking (Seattle Times)

A Bronx Tale actor Chazz Palminteri has a palatial house in the Westchester County town of Bedford (New York Times)

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