A suburb's absurd avocado-toast millennial bait, rich people pour into big cities, & more

By Nathan Tempey  | April 10, 2018 - 11:00AM

A Chicago suburb is insulting millennials with over-the-top avocado-toast stereotypes in an effort to convince them to move there (CityLab)

A lawsuit alleges that Rapid Realty is a Ponzi scheme victimizing the owners of its local franchises (The Real Deal)

An 1,100-apartment, all-"affordable" complex is coming to East New York (City Realty)

The state needs to do a proactive accounting of which New York City buildings and apartments should be rent-stabilized, and at what rent rates, activists argue (City Limits)

Evictions often don't make economic sense for local governments and landlords, and have far-reaching consequences for tenants (New York Times)

There's an income gap in who's coming and going from big cities, with rich people coming in and less well-off people moving out (The Real Deal via Wall Street Journal)

Seth Meyers's wife gave birth to a baby boy in the lobby of their apartment building (Page Six)

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