The resale value of bathtubs, protecting real estate brokers from their clients, & more

By Nathan Tempey  | February 6, 2018 - 11:00AM

Advice from designers on how to set up a bedroom your child won't outgrow (New York Times)

A 68-story tower in Downtown Brooklyn is slated to get an infinity pool on the roof with views of Manhattan (Brooklyn Paper)

How important is a bathtub to a home's resale value? (Realtor)

A new app for New York realtors is meant to reduce the risk of crime against agents by verifying the identities of clients, and pulling up their criminal records (Long Island Business News)

What to do when mold spreads into your apartment from the building next door (New York Times)

Horse parking, grape vines, and yellow fever-free certification are some of the amenities advertised in these old-timey real estate listings (Rent Cafe)

Crime is down across New York, but also in its highest-crime areas specifically (Bloomberg)

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