Over-the-top closing gifts,Tribeca real estate second-most-expensive in the U.S., more

By Nathan Tempey  | December 22, 2017 - 11:00AM

Rescue dogs, catered parties, and custom bobbleheads are just some of the closing gifts big-ticket brokers are giving their clients (New York Times)

A photo tour of Newburgh's historic buildings (Brownstoner)

Astoria condo owners are angry about a neighbor who is using five ground-floor units in their complex for storage (NBC4)

Tribeca is home to the zip code with the second priciest real estate in the country. The first is in Silicon Valley (Business Insider)

The case for scheduling co-op and condo board meetings earlier (Habitat)

How the federal calculation used to determine apartment affordability in NYC fails to address the economic reality of the city (Curbed)

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