Over-the-top building amenities, the Bronx-Park Slope property tax divide, more

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Real estate investors who own property through limited liability corporations, including President Trump and Sen. Bob Corker and his top aide, stand to benefit from a last-minute GOP tax bill addition (International Business Times)

Property owners in the Bronx pay far higher tax rates than their counterparts in Park Slope. Some advocates and real estate businesspeople want to change that (Crain's)

A chauffeured Volvo with massage chairs, and indoor skatepark, and a bowling alley are some of the most extravagant NYC apartment building amenities of 2017 (Curbed)

Residents of the Lower East Side's LaGuardia Houses have been going without heat and hot water (The Lo-Down)

The city won't landmark the last remaining house that Walt Whitman lived in (Brownstoner)

Some doormen say that the rise of online payment apps and services has cut into their day-to-day tips (New York Times)