Ida families must move again, housing lottery units linger, & more

By Emily Myers | November 18, 2021 - 10:30AM 

Emily Myers for Brick Underground 

Two months after Hurricane Ida, families flooded out of their apartments in Queens are told to leave their hotel and move to another one in Brooklyn (The City)

A new report finds it takes an average of 371 days for housing lottery apartments to be filled in new developments (Curbed) 

Developers unveil a massive project to bring nearly 500 affordable apartments to Mott Haven (Bronx Times)

The MTA considers fare hikes for next year, in spite of new funds from the federal infrastructure spending bill (NY1)

The longer it takes to decarbonize the grid, the more costly it will be for building owners to comply with emissions caps, a new report finds (The City)

An apartment building with 64 affordable units for seniors opens at 40 Debevoise St. in Williamsburg (YIMBY)

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