A colorful version of the subway map, the best New York neighborhoods for singles, and more

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Always thought the subway map needed more pink? These posters are for you (Gothamist)

When it comes to the single life in NYC, some neighborhoods are better than others (NYT)

At long last, someone bought the Amityville Horror house on Long Island (NYP)

More speculation as to how Trump's presidency might affect the city's real estate market (NYT)

Related: here's the latest about the security plans surrounding Trump Tower for the next four years (DNAinfo)

Brooklynites rallied in Adam Yauch park this weekend to show support after recent swastika graffiti (NYT)

The New York rental market continues to be flooded with ultra-pricey rentals that are no longer moving (WSJ)

Avoid these rookie mistakes when hanging art in your apartment (Apartment Therapy)

Apparently the city hasn't been collecting most of the fines they charge to wayward landlords (NYDN)

If you renovate the bathroom to get rid of the tub, will your apartment drop in value? (NYT)

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