Obamas looking at UES co-ops, Sunset Park residents angry about bike lanes, more

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | October 3, 2017 - 11:00AM

A new jogging spot for the Obamas?

Fabio Sola Penna/Flickr

Here's a look at 12 projects built post-Sandy to withstand another storm of that magnitude (DNAinfo)

Restaurant-style letter grades may be coming to private bus companies, if Sen. Chuck Schumer gets his way (Gothamist)

Are the Obamas relocating to New York? They've reportedly been spotted scoping out co-ops on the Upper East Side (New York Post)

How to tell when the price is right: A guide to pricing a New York apartment (The Real Deal; previously)

Some Sunset Park residents aren't too thrilled about plans to remove a handful of parking spots and add new bike lanes (Brooklyn Paper)

Target is having a 30 percent off sale on its furniture. Here's what to snag (Apartment Therapy)

Some Astoria residents are trying to rename the part of the neighborhood closest to the East River "Westoria" (DNAinfo)

The Times's Styles section checks in with some men about how they stay presentable after biking to work (New York Times)


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