Airbnb battles rage, how small landlords set the rent, more

By Nathan Tempey  | January 5, 2018 - 11:30AM

Coney Island's Trump Village complex is named for developer Fred Trump, the president's father, who made his fortune building in the outer boroughs with government subsidies.

Jack Szwergold/Flickr

Small-time New York landlords explain how they decide to set the rent, and how much to raise it (New York Times)

Take a fresh look at what the new Essex Crossing mega-development on the Lower East Side is supposed to look like (Curbed)

City budget analysts say the mayor exaggerated the extent of the affordable housing benefits secured by the city's deal with the new owners of Stuyvesant Town (The Real Deal via Wall Street Journal)

The Trump administration is delaying an Obama-initiated federal directive for local governments to take steps to curtail housing segregation (CityLab)

An upstate Republican state legislator wants to legalize Airbnb in New York (New York State of Politics)

A Coney Island co-op has successfully subpoenaed a resident's Airbnb records to show that he is violating building rules by using the service (Habitat)

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