Building houses with hemp, the case for rent control reform, & more

By Nathan Tempey  | January 30, 2018 - 11:00AM

"Country house meets Bauhaus": How one couple carried out a DIY renovation of their Connecticut vacation house (New York Times)

Councilman Ben Kallos is renewing his fight to rid the city of unnecessary scaffolding by trying to require that building owners finish work within six months and remove sidewalk sheds if no construction is being done (Pix11)

Learn more about the L train shutdown plans at a meeting at the 14th Street Y tomorrow night (EV Grieve)

Economists argue that rent control helps some tenants while hurting housing affordability as a whole, and that government rent subsidies would do more to make housing accessible to working people (CityLab)

A jury has awarded a Bronx family $57 million from NYCHA for the housing authority's failure to address lead problems in their Bronx apartment, and lying about it (Daily News)

Will marijuana legalization spur the use of hemp as an ecologically friendly building material? (New York Times)

Police shot a Bronx man who attacked his landlord during what the landlord says was an argument over rent, then purportedly brandished a knife at officers (ABC7)

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