How to get a mortgage as a freelancer, a developer's plan to 'save Brooklyn,' more

By Nathan Tempey  | January 17, 2018 - 11:00AM

Stay dry out there!

Josh Kesner/Flickr

Could city pensions help finance the construction of more affordable housing?(Next City)

Meet a developer who left his big successful firm to focus solely on building below-market-rate housing (The Real Deal)

The city has moved a statue of a doctor who experimented on enslaved women out of Central Park, and into Green-Wood Cemetery (Brooklyn Paper)

How a writer with wildly fluctuating income bought a house of her own (it probably helps that she lives in Milwaukee) (Apartment Therapy)

The developer redoing the Pavilion Theatre in Windsor Terrace is scrapping a plan for condos at the site "to save Brooklyn" (Brownstoner)

The city Finance Department has released tentative tax assessments for 2018. Rising property values means bigger tax bills (New York Post)

A business reporter says that suburbanites are remaking NYC in their image and cites as evidence... luxury apartment buildings and bike lanes? (Crain's)

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