When you can't deal with your ex's stuff, tower battles in Brooklyn, & more

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Your ex is gone but your apartment is still full of their stuff. A new service, ExBox, will pick it all up and store it for you, and and spare you from having to deal with it all (Apartment Therapy)

Brooklyn’s tallest skyscraper, Brooklyn Point, has reached half its height but it won't wear the crown for long (

Property owners owe over $1 billion in fines to the city (Curbed via Crain’s)

The New York City Housing Authority has not met targets for repairing its buildings and removing toxic lead dust, according to federal prosecutors (The Real Deal)

A discussion on how old kids should be to ride the NYC subway alone (StreetEasy)

Not everyone enjoys the Mister Softee jingle. has a new report on which NYC neighborhoods complain the most about ice cream trucks (