Wells Fargo to shrink mortgage business, rats in the planters, & more

By Emily Myers | August 15, 2022 - 10:30AM


Wells Fargo plans to shrink its massive mortgage business after various scandals and fines (Bloomberg)

How to deal with rats in the planters outside your building (The New York Times)

Three Democratic candidates running for an open State Senate seat in the East Bronx find common ground in opposing income-restricted apartments (CityLimits)

Covid hoarding can mean people buying excessively out of boredom or doomsdaying—or too lazy or too scared to leave the house to throw stuff away (The New York Times)

A sprawling, 10-bedroom estate in Greenwich, Connecticut, with a 30-car garage is on the market for the first time with a $33.8 million price tag (New York Post)

Opinion: The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway was poorly designed, poorly constructed, poorly maintained, and is rotting away—time to tear it down (Brooklyn Paper)


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