Restitution for tenants of a notorious landlord, house flipping is back, & more

By Donna M. Airoldi  | August 9, 2018 - 11:00AM

Were you harassed by notorious landlord Steve Croman? The state attorney general’s office has established an $8 million restitution fund for current and former tenants (The Lo-Down)

Protesters lost their fight to block the rezoning of Inwood, often referred to as the last affordable neighborhood in Manhattan, when the City Council overwhelmingly approved a plan to rezone a large swath of the neighborhood (The New York Times)

What was supposed to be a 100 percent affording housing project built on a NYCHA-owned parking lot could now be a 70/30 luxury apartment tower with even fewer affordable apartments than originally planned (NY Daily News)

House flipping is back: 2017 saw the most flipped houses since 2006. Check out these four things to consider before you buy a flipped house (Apartment Therapy)

Clare is a direct-to-consumer paint company founded by an interior designer looking to take on the $155 billion interior paint industry (Business Insider)

How a clip-on fisheye lens for your phone’s camera is a must when touring apartments to capture things you might miss (Apartment Therapy)


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