Growing up with five people and one bathroom, new construction in NYC adds over 8,000 apartments, & more

By Donna M. Airoldi  | August 8, 2018 - 11:00AM

The number of completed construction projects in New York City in the second quarter surpassed pre-recession levels. Much of this new supply consisted of residential buildings, adding more than 8,200 apartments (The Real Deal)

A writer reminisces about growing up in a one-bathroom house with five people, and recreating the experience for her own family (The New York Times)

Brooklyn’s controversial 80 Flatbush mixed-use skyscraper, where 900 apartments are planned, passed the City Planning Commission on Monday (Curbed)

Those new tariffs on steel and aluminum could eventually make that new apartment more expensive for buyers and renters (The New York Times)

In cities nationwide, home prices are at or above their pre-recession levels, but it’s no bubble. This report shows New York City suffered less during the foreclosure crisis, with non-owner-occupied home purchases never edging north of 7 percent, compared to Las Vegas’s 29 percent (CityLab)

A tour of a 450-square-foot rental apartment in Hell’s Kitchen that the tenant recently refreshed in bold patterns (Apartment Therapy)


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