$250,000 grant to fight foreclosures, Bay Ridge building drama, & more

By Emily Myers | August 2, 2022 - 10:30AM


Decades of political inertia, zoning restrictions, and building costs are the causes of New York City's affordable housing crisis (The New York Times)

A bankruptcy claim pauses the foreclosure of 345 Ovington Ave., a Bay Ridge building where tenants say they are victims of fraud (Brooklyn Paper)

Rent-stabilized tenants in East New York fear being displaced by a developer's plans to replace their crumbling building (The City)

Parkchester, a 12,000-unit Bronx housing complex, could soon open to homeless applicants with city-issued rental vouchers (City Limits)

The Legal Aid Society receives a $250,000 grant to prevent foreclosures and fight housing instability for low-income New Yorkers (press release)

In just a few seconds, an AI program can reimagine your street—or the BQE—into a pedestrian oasis (CityLab)



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