Manhattan is now a buyer's market, how NYCHA fudged its repair request numbers, & more

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A new study by StreetEasy shows that Manhattan is now a buyer's market at all price points (The Real Deal)

How NYCHA forged tenant signatures and closed repair requests when tenants weren’t home to game numbers on its backlog (NY Daily News)

A look inside the artist loft spaces at 475 Kent Ave. in Williamsburg, which are in danger of being converted. New owners evicted half its tenants last year (Freunde von Freunden)

New Yorkers trying to flee high state taxes find moving isn't so easy: Tax collectors in states like New York make it really hard to leave (Bloomberg)

Renderings were released for a 74-story tower in Long Island City at 42-50 24th St., with an expected height of 750 feet—just two feet below the current contender for tallest building in the borough (New York YIMBY)

Seven ideas for how to keep a living room less cluttered and more tidy (Apartment Therapy)