Rent hikes for stabilized tenants, affordable housing in the Hamptons, & more

By Emily Myers | June 22, 2022 - 10:30AM

Emily Myers for Brick Underground 

Rent increases of 3.25 percent are approved for tenants in stabilized apartments—the biggest hike in a decade. Two-year leases can be raised 5 percent (The City)

With a $40,000 per month lease signed in Brooklyn, it's clear landlords are testing the upper limits of what people will pay (The New York Times)

A community group in the Bronx gets $50,000 in a settlement with a law firm that gave damaging advice to tenants (Bronx Times)

The City Council considers an overhaul of the census on homeless people to more accurately reflect numbers (City Limits)

The Hamptons gets a proposal for affordable housing (The Real Deal via Sag Harbor Express)

A look at how lofts transformed from an affordable living option to luxury housing (CityLab)


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