Demands for rent rollbacks, expanding deed theft protection, & more

By Emily Myers | June 14, 2022 - 10:30AM

Emily Myers for Brick Underground 

Tenant activists in the Bronx demand rent rollbacks ahead of the Rent Guidelines Board's vote on rent-stabilized rent increases (press release)

The Department of State creates "cease and desist zones" to prevent deed theft for Brooklyn homeowners (BKReader)

An architect lent his license to a New York City developer to approve buildings he didn’t design (The New York Times)

Tenants in buildings using Bilt's rent rewards program can now opt-in to have rent payments reported to improve their credit scores (press release)

The 421-a tax break expires this week—it's benefited developers and in an imperfect way allowed for the construction of affordable housing (NY1)

Booking stylish apartments to use for photo and video shoots is a growing niche in the short-term rental market (The New York Times)


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