NYC crime vs. rural U.S., a $60,000 Hamptons summer rental, & more

By Emily Myers | June 9, 2022 - 10:30AM

Emily Myers for Brick Underground 

More households are moving into Manhattan now than were moving in before the pandemic in 2019 (Bloomberg)

Tag along with a broker whose clients think $60,000 a month for a Hamptons rental is a great deal (Curbed)

Opinion: Homicide rates don't tell the full story—NYC is a lot safer than small-town USA (Bloomberg)

Brokers get access to ShowingTime, a free, apartment tour-scheduling feature on StreetEasy (press release)

Five Latino families in rent-stabilized apartments in Williamsburg face eviction because their landlords want to move into the building (Pix11)

A protestor releases hundreds of cockroaches into a courtroom in Albany where a case involving housing activists was being heard (Times Union)


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