A villa in Portugal for the price of a condo, NYC elevators have serious safety issues, & more

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For the median sales price of a NYC condo, you can buy a seven-bedroom villa in Portugal (New York Times)

NYC elevators have serious safety violations that you may not be aware of, according to a report from the state comptroller, who found that inspectors frequently cut corners (Curbed)

If you’ve got outdoor space, here are some picks for great patio furniture, because someday soon we’ll have a sunny weekend (Business Insider)

Building owners are pushing Albany for changes to NYC’s Loft Law to allow them more leeway against tenants who withhold rent (Crain’s)

A discussion about how to block the sun and heat from a stairwell skylight (Brownstoner)

You can make money when you declutter if you know what collectibles are in demand these days (Apartment Therapy)