Alternate ways to file eviction cases, new elevators protocols, & more

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Landlords can take an unusual, more costly route to eviction cases with an "ejectment action" when the New York State Supreme Court  begins accepting new, non-essential cases via e-filing this week (The Real Deal)

For renters who have lost their jobs and have an expiring lease, the next steps depend on if you have a rent-stabilized or market-rate apartment (The New York Times) 

How the pandemic disrupted a Bushwick house share that's been a LGBTQ haven since 2014 (The New Yorker)

Leaving the city because of Covid-19? You may be back once you realize suburbia lacks high-paying jobs, opportunities, and convenience (Bloomberg)

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's socialite sister is suing the buyers of her UES co-op for $800,000, claiming the pair tried to exploit Covid-19 to get a better deal (New York Post)

Elevator protocols are changing, with social distancing rules, face mask requirements, and new technology like kick buttons and UV disinfection systems (CityLabs)