Kicking out a freeloading adult son, uncovering landlords who cheat, & more

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A judge rules in favor of parents who want their 30-year-old jobless son to move out of their home (CNN)

A tenant advocacy group is suing New York State’s Division of Homes and Community Renewal to release the names of landlords who violate the J-51 property tax break program (WNYC)

Millennials may be the most broke generation: Economists say that the median net worth for people born in the 1980s lags behind other generations at the same age (Slate)

Inexpensive materials like temporary wallpaper, stickers and tape (plus some imagination) can elevate boring white rental kitchens (Apartment Therapy)

Grape vines, beehives, a treehouse and putting green can be found in some of the coolest New York City backyards (New York Post)

A discussion about what to do when heavy traffic shakes an older home, creating cracks in the walls (Brownstoner)