Bronx tenants buy their building, Printing House owners pay developer's tab, & more

By Jennifer White Karp | May 9, 2022 - 10:30AM

A group of Bronx tenants will become owners of their Port Morris building after a five-year battle, paying $2,500 for each apartment (The New York Times)

Barnet Liberman, a developer of the Printing House condo, is sued for failing to pay his common charges of $3,160 since January 2019 in the building (The Real Deal)

Buyers who liquidate cryptocurrencies to buy co-ops or condos can trigger capital gains taxes (PropertyShark)

Revolving door: Frank Kreizman, a lobbyist who worked on behalf of condo, warehouse, and homeless shelter developers is now in charge of the city's Community Affairs Unit (The City)

City data suggests rat sightings are more frequent than they’ve been in a decade (AP)

#cluttercore, a cheeky maximalist trend on TikTok and Instagram, emphasizes ephemera and deeply personal objects (Architectural Digest)

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