State lawmakers propose new Airbnb regulations, federal tax overhaul isn't causing New Yorkers to flee, & more

By Nikki M. Mascali  | April 10, 2019 - 11:00AM

New York state lawmakers propose limiting residents' Airbnb listings to just one property, banning short-term rentals in affordable-housing units, and requiring rentals to be registered with the state (WHEC)

New Yorkers aren’t fleeing their high-tax state because of the 2017 federal tax overhaul as politicians, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo, claim (Crain’s via Moody’s Investor Service)

A new study suggests expensive cities like New York are becoming increasingly childless, because young families can't afford them (CityLab)

Don’t spend millions on a Manhattan apartment: Buy the whole historic town of Story, Indiana, for $3.9 million (New York Post)

Most New Yorkers think the city’s three public library systems need more funding, not a proposed $16-million budget cut (

Seven NYC-apartment-friendly organizers to put by the front door so you can get out of the house faster (Apartment Therapy)

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