A look back at 'Broad City' filming locations, endangered buildings in Brooklyn, & more

By Nikki M. Mascali  | March 29, 2019 - 11:00AM

Take a trip back to the NYC filming locations of Comedy Central's “Broad City,” which ended its five-year run on Thursday (StreetEasy)

The MTA is spending $6.2 million on high-tech cameras to catch real-time bus lane violations across the city (press release)

Several bigwigs in city real estate were invited to a secretive fundraiser hosted by Gov. Cuomo earlier this month (The Real Deal via The New York Times)

HUD sues Facebook for violating the Fair Housing Act over ads the department says encourages and enables housing discrimination (CNN)

With Brooklyn development heating up, these buildings throughout the borough are now endangered (Curbed)

Drew Barrymore launches a funky furniture and decor line with Wal-Mart (Apartment Therapy)


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