A tenant's coronavirus rent hike, how boards enforce social distancing, & more

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One Manhattan landlord increased his tenant’s rent by 25 percent, to $4,000, to take advantage of the building’s proximity to the Javits Center, which is being repurposed as a coronavirus hospital (Gothamist)

Your co-op or condo building may be able to sue if owners don’t follow rules about social distancing or quarantines (The Real Deal)

New Yorkers can learn from the hyperlocal organizing and support groups that helped the people of Wuhan get through the pandemic (BuzzFeed News)

New York Sports Club is charging members monthly fees while closed because of the pandemic, one New Yorker alleges in a lawsuit (New York Post)

Attorney General Letitia James tells three air purifier companies to stop making false claims about their products (New York Post)

The coronavirus outbreak could have a lasting impact on life in the U.S. (Business Insider)