Subway etiquette for tourists, live above the Giorgio Armani store, & more

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Everything a newcomer needs to know about the NYC subway system (Curbed)

A redesign for the Giorgio Armani store at 760 Madison Ave. will include 19 new luxury apartments (The New York Times)

Tenants at 138 Ludlow St., acquired in January 2018 for $19 million, say an ongoing demolition has created hazardous levels of exposure to lead dust (Bowery Boogie)

Flushing transit riders will rally tomorrow in favor of congestion pricing to pay for expanded access to transportation in eastern Queens (press release)

A giant cache of credit and mortgage documents was leaked online (The Real Deal via TechCunch)

The city announced a new design competition to create a logo to be displayed at more than 550 plazas, arcades, and other privately owned public spaces (press release)