NYC's aging scaffolding, solving the city's delivery truck problems, & more

By Emily Myers | December 5, 2019 - 11:00AM 

Some of the city's sidewalk sheds and scaffolds have been up for more than 13 years (NY Post)

Williamsburg tops a StreetEasy ranking of the 2020 neighborhoods to watch. Also on the list: Clinton Hill, Jamaica, Midwood, and Highbridge, as renters and buyers head to the outer boroughs for affordability (press release)

Diplomats and out-of-state drivers owe the city millions of dollars in unpaid parking tickets—and not enough is being done to collect the money, according to a state audit (NY Post)

There are renewed calls to end a special NYC program that lets delivery trucks pay reduced parking fines as long as they don't contest the penalties in court (Gothamist)

Congestion due to delivery trucks is also being addressed through a pilot program rolling out a fleet of electric cargo bikes to replace vans (New York Times)

A long-awaited cultural center—part of the 32-story building at 300 Ashland Pl. in Fort Greene—has finally broken ground (NY Curbed)

Emily Myers

Senior Writer/Podcast Producer

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