An insider trader law for real estate, NYCHA residents get water from a fire hydrant, & more

By Emily Myers | December 4, 2018 - 11:00AM 

A New York state senator proposes an insider trading law for real estate, inspired by Amazon HQ2, which would ban buying or selling apartments based on information not released to the public (Wall Street Journal) 

NYCHA residents get water from a fire hydrant after the pipes in their building give out (New York Post)

No more schlepping to Red Hook for IKEA—a smaller Manhattan store is opening up next year as the Swedish brand rethinks its retail strategy (Apartment Therapy)

There's going to be a crackdown on people dodging fares on the subway (New York Post)

Trump’s ex-lawyer, Michael Cohen, rents out his four-bed Tribeca condo for $18,500 (Realtor)

NYPD adds drones to its crime-fighting toolbox, though flying one in NYC can get you ticketed (New York Post)


Emily Myers

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