Flood relief falls short, outdoor dining goes 'wild,' & more

By Emily Myers | September 20, 2021 - 10:30AM 

Emily Myers for Brick Underground

FEMA aid falls short for many Queens residents suffering in the aftermath of flooding from Hurricane Ida (Gothamist)

Building owners want the expired J-51 tax break for residential renovations to be renewed (The Real Deal)

Opponents of outdoor dining complain about an “open-air nightclub, wild, wild West atmosphere” (The New York Times)

Legal permanent residents may get the right to vote at the municipal level under a bill being considered by city lawmakers (WNYC)

There's a lot riding on the e-scooter rollout in New York City (Bloomberg CityLab)

New York ranks 12th out of 100 cities for electric vehicle friendliness—a score hurt by average marks for infrastructure (The New York Times)


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