A formula for reopening school, new rules for wearing masks indoors, & more

By Emily Myers | July 14, 2020 - 10:30AM 


Governor Andrew Cuomo says low infection rates will determine whether New York schools reopen (Market Watch)

There's new guidance on wearing masks indoors after NYC sees an uptick in coronavirus among young adults (Gothamist)

All travelers flying into New York airports need to provide contact details and their itinerary or face a $2,000 fine (New York Post)

A wave of gun violence continues in NYC with three drive-by shootings (The New York Times)

In Brooklyn, there are calls for some vacant land in Gowanus to become a park rather than a mixed-use development (Pardon Me For Asking) 

Even during a pandemic, the Hamptons are still a place to be seen (Vogue)

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