Eviction ban extended through June, 30-plus now eligible for vaccine, & more

By Emily Myers | March 30, 2021 - 10:30AM 

The CDC says the national moratorium on evictions will stay in effect through June 30th (CNBC)

Eligibility for the Covid-19 vaccine expands to New Yorkers aged 30 years and older and next week to anyone aged over 16 (NBC)

New York ranks high on a list of the least affordable cities, coming in third after LA and Miami (press release)

NYCHA leaders in Queens have their eye on hundreds of millions of dollars in the state budget for overdue repairs (QNS)

The global rise in property prices has some policy makers concerned about a housing crash (The Real Deal)

Workers speak up about money they've lost in transit benefits when the pandemic put an end to their commute (New York Times) 

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