The Brick Underground Podcast Episode 6: Meet the renter's rights lawyer

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In the first installment of our podcast series, the Landlord Chronicles, we met Ann, a Manhattan landlord who lives in a brownstone she shares with her tenants, and has discovered how much more there is to her job than collecting rent, including dealing with renters who don't much care about courtesy or taking care of their apartments—and ones who fight dirty (think near-stalker levels). 

But what of the good renters who just want what everyone else does—a safe home they can afford and where they can live in peace—but instead have to deal with unscrupulous, and sometimes criminal, landlords? That's where tenants rights lawyers like Sam Himmelstein (fyi, a Brick sponsor who pens the Ask a Renters Rights Lawyer column on Brick), come in.

We sat down with Sam to hear about the worst cases he has ever litigated, including one landlord who poured concrete down his tenants' sinks, and another who was arrested after tearing out his tenants' bathrooms. He also gave advice on what New Yorkers can do to protect themselves. 

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This episode was hosted by senior editor Virginia Smith and produced by Jhoanna Robledo, Jenny Falcon, and Chad Dougatz of Hangar Studios; many thanks to Sam for taking the time to speak to Brick Underground.

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