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Everything you need to know about NYC landlords

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | June 27, 2012 - 4:00PM

It's rental high season here in the city, which means that landlords have the upper hand. 

So, this week's SurvivalList focuses on all things landlord, including 8 things no landlord will never tell you, how to impress small landlords, the ups and downs of renting from said landlords and a first-person account of a mom-and-pop landlord situation (that feels a bit too much like living with your actual mom and pop).

In order to ensure that you're renting future is a bright one, you'll want to stay of landlord blacklists

Of course, problems can also arise after you've moved in -- like what if your landlord is the noisy one? Or he's slow to fix things? Or, to the extreme, he tries to poison you?

If for whatever reason -- including landlord poisonings -- you need to leave your apartment, we offer guidelines for breaking up with your landlord (a.k.a. breaking your lease).

But if you think being a tenant is hard, consider things from the landlord's point of view --- Their tenant could be a hoarder or a trust-funder (which comes with its own challenges). 

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