Would You Rather?

Pets or not, New Yorkers love a pet-friendly building

By Lambeth Hochwald | June 5, 2017 - 1:59PM 

Say you don’t have a dog or cat—and aren't necessarily planning to introduce a four-legged anything to your living space. Would you still want to live in a building that welcomes furry friends? Read on for five takes on the topic:

Pets in my building equals a side job I’ve gotten to know my neighbors and their dogs, I get to play with them sometimes and I’ve even become the go-to sitter or walker for some of my neighbors. It’s like this: I get all the benefits of having a pet without the responsibility. —Candice, Hell’s Kitchen

I’ll take some pet therapy Pet-friendliness is not exactly my number 1 priority in a building, but I have to think there would be infinitely more chances to snuggle puppies in an alternate reality in which I live in a pet-friendly building. Also, sidewalk etiquette probably prevents me from scratching the ears of most dogs I meet! —Taylor, Upper West Side

Aren’t pet owners usually nicer? I support the idea of living in a pet-friendly building with happier/friendlier neighbors as long as the dogs do not keep me up all night barking. Nobody is nice when they’re kept awake all night. —Emily, Williamsburg

I’ll take pet over human neighbors any day If pet-only buildings were a thing, I would prefer that over some of the neighbors I’ve had. You know who probably doesn't bump EDM and air horns at midnight on a Tuesday? A Norwich terrier. —Skylar, Upper East Side (pictured)

People who like pets are my kind of people Pet owners value unconditional love way more than non-pet owners. Also, I’ve noticed that no-pets-allowed buildings are either very stuffy or they’re full of crazy college kids, loud music, and peeling paint. —Steph, Union Square

Verdict: Pet-friendly buildings appeal even to pet-free people.


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