Only in New York

Could an apartment like this—at a price like that—only fly in NYC?

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | September 27, 2016 - 12:59PM 

Every once in a while here on Brick Underground, we need to share NYC apartment listings that make us shake our heads. You know the type: Super small or super strangely configured—basically the kind of space that wouldn't float in a city less desirable. Oh, and in New York, said apartment listings usually cost well over $1,000 a month.Take this week's pick, a "studio" on the Upper West Side with a sleeping loft.

But you want to know the shocking thing? Between the time we found it online and now, it's been rented.

The listing says no dogs, which seems most advisable considering the lack of square footage to share with another living soul.

At least the broker was decent enough to admit that it has a "small living area," though we think that's a bit of an understatement. That "open kitchen"? More of a corner of the apartment, complete with mini under-the-counter fridge, which we can only assume will get installed at some point.

And that lofted bed? Claustrophobics need not apply.

But give credit where it's due: The cabinetry is actually pretty modern (and at least the sink has a faucet—that's not always a given). 

So a place like this must be quite affordable, right? Wrong. It's still $1,625 a month.

And guess what? It got snapped up in less than a week. Let's say it all together now: ONLY IN NEW YORK.


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