Poll: What's your number one fear about living in NYC?

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The neuroticism of New Yorkers has been extensively documented in pop culture, with the Seinfeld crew serving as perhaps the prime example, freaking out over everything from chocolate babka to large-handed women. And back in 2008, a Cambridge University study confirmed the stereotype, deeming us the most anxious people in the USA. 

Of course, NYC residents have ample reason to fret. We've weathered the country's worst terrorist attack. On a more quotidian level, our commute times and working hours are the longest in the nation, and our costs of living among the most expensive. Crime is way down, but that's not enough to make us feel secure from random face slashings and subway shovings. And don't get us started on the pestilence that is a bed bug invasion. 

Now, we're honoring New Yorkers' understandable tendency to be nervous nellies and looking to find out what keeps the average New Yorker up at night. Take this one-question poll and tell us what your number one NYC fear is—and check back here in February to see the results. 


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