Would You Rather?

Come moving day, would you rather have the movers pack, or unpack, your stuff?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | July 31, 2017 - 12:59PM

The moving process is stressful from beginning to end. But we asked five New Yorkers to pinpoint their preferred luxury: Having movers help you pack or unpack?  Here's what they had to say:

Soak up the memories When you pack up a place yourself you get to say goodbye to it. Open up a bottle of wine with a friend, roommate or significant other, get drunk and fall asleep on the boxes. Then make sure you have your new apartment unpacked for you.—Matt, Downtown Brooklyn (pictured below)


Packing up is way easier I’d rather have a mover help me unpack—and if they could add in a professional organizer who could say no!—Lauren, Upper West Side

I’ve never met a box I didn’t like I’d much rather have the help unpacking since it always takes me at least a week to unpack after a vacation, let alone moving my whole life. Torture.—Tori, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Let the experts pack up I’m always going to be the first one to ask for packing help. Unpacking is a different story, however, as I live with an interior designer who is pretty adamant about unpacking boxes and organizing the entire apartment herself.—Nick, East Village

What goes where? I just moved in March and the movers were rock stars who packed everything up for me. Still, I prefer to do the unpacking myself because it’s super fun to make the apartment look the way I want it!—Sherry, Midtown

Verdict: Neither is "fun," per se, but New Yorkers prefer having some help unpacking.




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