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Secrets of Woodside, Queens, lessons of a first-time co-op owner, and more of the week's top stories

By Alanna Schubach  | November 10, 2017 - 3:00PM

This week, our readers were interested in learning more about Queens: One of the most popular stories explored what it's like to live in Woodside, and another highlighted an epic Douglaston mansion that comes with access to an exclusive beach.

Here in full are our most-read stories of the week: 

1. Irish mobsters, Little Manila, and monster burgers: Secrets of Woodside, Queens

2. This massive house in Queens comes with private beach access

3. What I learned as a first-time co-op owner

4. A slowing in the increase of condo prices means gloom for sellers, possible bargains ahead for buyers

5. These NYC buildings have "hidden" amenities, including wine tastings, poolside barbecues, and astronomy hours

Alanna Schubach

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Contributing editor Alanna Schubach has over a decade of experience as a New York City-based freelance journalist.

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