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Quieting a noisy neighbor, buying a building with friends, & more of the week's top stories

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This week, readers were interested in the social side of New York City living—both the good and the bad, with articles on how to deal with a neighbor who is disturbing the peace of a condo or co-op and how to buy a building with friends and not suffer any damage financially, or to your relationships.

Here, in full, are the top five most-read stories of the last week:

1) How to quiet a noisy neighbor in a co-op or condo (sponsored)

2) Thinking about buying a building with friends? Consider these issues before you do

3) New Yorkers recall the apartments they wish they said yes to

4) A Forest Hills one bedroom where you can live in the tree tops, for $529,500

5) East End vacation houses to rent in September to squeeze in a last bit of summer