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Judge sides with brokers on fees, apartments with the deepest price cuts, & more

By Austin Havens-Bowen | April 16, 2021 - 1:30PM 

This week, readers visited Brick Underground to read about a judge's ruling on broker fees for brokers who are hired by landlords. The judge said that renters can be asked to pay those fees, however, with so many vacant apartments on the market, you'll find about a third of landlords continuing to cover those fees as a concession—at least for now.

Also of interest: The New York City apartments on the market with the biggest price cuts, according to RealtyHop's monthly report. The neighborhoods with the most cuts were all in Manhattan.

Here, in full, are this week's most popular posts.

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3) Manhattan lease signings surged in March, but there are many empty apartments

4) I was asked to pay a 'good faith' deposit for a NYC rental. Is this a scam?

5) Co-op boards may have to explain why they rejected a buyer

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