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Adjusting to having a doorman, how to ask your neighbor to sell you their apartment, & more

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This week, readers tuned in to a pair of first-person tales of quintessential New York City living: The sort of adjustments you need to make if you’re not used to having a doorman, and how to go about asking your neighbor to sell you their apartment. A luxury market snapshot and a neighborhood-by-neighborhood look at what you need to earn to rent here, were also of interest.

Here, in full, are the week's top stories.

1) What it's like to live in a NYC doorman building

2) How I convinced our neighbors to sell their Park Slope co-op to us

3) Report: How much you need to earn to rent in NYC's neighborhoods

4) Report: Sales drop nearly 30 percent in ‘struggling’ NYC luxury market

5) Where to move in Jersey City: Best neighborhoods, deals, and more for renters and buyers