Would You Rather?

Wash and dry or pump and sweat: Would New Yorkers prefer their own laundry room or gym?

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"Look for the bare necessities," isn’t that how the song goes? In a city with uber-amenities like decked-out tween lounges and saltwater pools, we really have to wonder: How is not having a washer and dryer of one’s own (or even in one's building) still a thing? Alas it is. And so is not having a gym, one of the most coveted building extras ever.

We asked six New Yorkers who don't live in amenity-filled buildings: Would you rather have a gym or laundry facilities in your building?

  • The fortunate few I would rather have a gym in my building, because I already have a washer and dryer in my apartment! Otherwise, washer and dryer, of course. —Gwin, Hamilton Heights (pictured below)
  • But don’t take me to the cleaners A washer and dryer, of course. But one where I don’t have to fight for a machine, even on the weekends, and not have to pay a ton of money per load. —Dana Upper West Side
  • Sweat the gym, not your laundry I’d much rather pay a lot of money to have to go outside in the heat, cold, rain, what have you, to go to the gym and sweat it out there than do and pay the same to do laundry. So: laundry. Most people in the country don’t have this issue. —Derek, South Harlem
  • Those Ikea bags, though Laundry in the building. Better in the apartment, of course, but barring that, at least in the building where I can leave it in the basement and be comfortable at home while I wait for laundry to be done. No more schlepping heavy Ikea bags and gallons of detergent to the nearby gross laundromat. No more spending $30 for some service to do it for me. Which, I’m not above doing. Life’s too short. —Daniel, Morningside Heights
  • Service with a smile I will do laundry service every once in a while… like if I really let it pile up, I’ll spend the money just to get it done. I feel like I deserve that! Punishment or reward, I deserve it! So I don’t mind having my laundry done. But nobody can go to the gym for me, so… gym it is! —Cassandra, Washington Heights
  • Find your fitness I don’t mind going out and doing laundry a block away. You go, once a week, once every two weeks if you’re busy. It’s a couple hours of your day. So what, it’s ok. A gym might be good. Not that I love going to the gym, but who knows, it might increase my fitness level. —Allison, Bay Ridge

Verdict: New Yorkers (overwhelmingly) would love for their building to have laundry!