Would You Rather?

 What’s better: A large living room or a spacious bedroom?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | April 24, 2017 - 1:59PM

For New Yorkers, apartment living often comes down to the "space breakdown" question: Is it better to have an extra-large living room or a bedroom with enough square footage for, say, a bed and a cozy reading chair or desk? These five New Yorkers make it all seem obvious:

A big living room means more to me I’d take a bigger living and entertaining space any day of the week. Sleep is for the weak.—Jessica, Bushwick

Love parties but will anyone come? Personally, if you gave me a tiny room the size of a king-sized bed (okay fine, queen) but gave me a living room spacious enough to entertain a wide array of guests that I’ll never have over because they don't like traveling from whatever other neighborhood they live in...I’d take it! Basically, I guess I'm looking for Bender’s apartment in "Futurama"—that’s what I’m just now learning about myself. Hmm. —Wade, Greenpoint

Small bedrooms are cozy That’s a room I retreat to for maybe eight hours a night. I want a living room with space for me to actually "live" in it. —Rebecca, Upper East Side

More space equals more to clean I laugh at the term "large" for anything in a New York City apartment. You’re lucky if you can spread your arms out without hitting a wall in any given room. Space is kind of a luxury item when it comes to living in New York and, actually, space wouldn’t be high on my list since that just means more space to have to clean. —Alanna, Astoria (pictured)


My borough gave me both I prefer both a large bedroom and a large living space so I moved to Queens! —Gregory, Elmhurst

Verdict: These New Yorkers say what matters most is a larger space to live in, not space to sleep in.

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