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Introducing a new Brick Underground resource for co-op and condo board members
  • Boards & Buildings is a new section with content dedicated to running NYC buildings
  • Look for coverage of energy retrofitting, insurance, finance, technology, and more
By Jennifer White Karp
October 10, 2023 - 9:00AM
Introducing Brick Underground's new Board's and Buildings section

Brick Underground is launching a dedicated section for board members, aimed at helping those looking out for their biggest financial investment to make the most informed decisions.


If you serve on your New York City co-op or condo board, you know what a big responsibility this is—and that it has become even more daunting in recent years as a result of tough new local laws, inflation, extreme weather and the slow sales market.

That’s why Brick Underground is kicking off in a new direction today and launching a dedicated section for board members, aimed at helping those looking out for their biggest financial investment to make the most informed decisions.

Brick’s new Boards & Buildings resource features our award-winning writers covering topics such as board operations, property management, legal issues, sustainability and energy retrofitting, insurance, structure and systems, finance, and technology. 

The goal is to help board members navigate an increasingly expensive and complex landscape, including evolving regulations to update the city's aging infrastructure and meet net-zero, carbon-emissions goals.

"Given the unprecedented uptick in challenges facing co-op and condo buildings in NYC today, boards are expected to become overnight experts in numerous areas outside their wheelhouse,” says Teri Rogers, CEO and founder of Brick Underground. "Our Boards & Buildings resource will provide co-op and condo board members, as well as property managers, free on-demand ‘news you can use’ that will help them stay current on the latest issues and solutions.”

Aligning with Brick’s mission

It’s important to note that our new section aligns with our mission to help NYC sustain a healthy real estate environment, one that isn’t only primed for wealthier residents. Co-op and condo buildings make up a significant percentage of the city’s residential housing and contribute property tax revenue that supports the city’s overall financial health, so when co-ops and condos thrive, all NYC benefits, including renters.  

Co-ops, in particular, have historically offered a more affordable ownership option for middle-class renters striving to become owners. Resources that enable smart management for co-ops help our city maintain a diverse socioeconomic mix.

What you can expect

Initially, Boards & Buildings will include original content from Brick Underground's editorial team, as well as Brick’s strategic partner The Folson Group, NYC’s premiere co-op and condo consultancy. 

Moving forward, the section will feature case studies, expert Q&As, and thought-leadership articles from service providers and other industry experts, that educate and inspire boards to reach their goals. Later this year, the section will feature video content.

Welcome to our partners

In conjunction with the launch, several industry-leading companies have partnered with Brick Underground, and will be contributing branded advice and thought-leadership content, including:

  • DL Partners, a full-service real estate law firm serving condominium and co-op boards, developers, investors, and homeowners throughout New York, and the authors of this explainer on how to negotiate access agreements.
  • National Cooperative Bank, a values-based bank serving NYC cooperatives and condominiums with full-service banking and financing.
  • O&S Engineers & Architects, a full-service design and consulting firm serving NYC co-ops, condos, and commercial buildings since 1996.
  • Rosenberg & Estis, NYC’s largest firm focusing solely on real estate, providing comprehensive legal representation to owners, developers, operators and investors.

To learn more about managing a co-op or condo building in NYC, visit

Our press release on the launch is here.