Would You Rather?

Which is the lesser of two evils: A summertime move or a wintertime move?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | July 17, 2017 - 10:59AM

While moving isn't exactly fun any time you do it, some New Yorkers feel strongly that different seasons are more tolerable than others. Read on as our five New Yorkers of the week weigh in on their favorite time to switch apartments.

The rewards are better in the summer I’d much prefer to move in the heat of the summer because the beer tastes way better when you’re done! —Cassie, Bushwick (pictured below)


Summer beats winter by far Sweating in the worst summer heat is still better than trying to move in a winter snowstorm. (Literally, since snow can actually stop a moving truck.) Just make sure the A/C is cranked up at the new place before you get there...—Alejandra, Washington Heights

Cold weather=faster move I’ve moved in the dead of summer from a one-bedroom fourth-floor walkup to a one-bedroom in a high-rise building four blocks away. I’ve also moved in the middle of winter from a one-bedroom to a two-bedroom next door. In winter, the movers would rather be inside than out in the cold so they have a bit more hustle in their step. In the summer, you’re sweating and dehydrated and, at some point, might say ‘let’s leave all of this on the sidewalk and buy all new things!’”—Evan, Gramercy Park

Summer sweat? No thanks As someone who just recently moved I can tell you the summer is a terrible time to move in New York. Odds are you’re moving into an apartment, and apartments often have stairs, and the stairs are typically narrow, they are also usually in a hallway with no air conditioning or windows, and narrow stairs make it hard to carry things, and when it’s hard to carry things and you’re in a hallway with no windows, you get hot and your hands get sweaty. When your hands get sweaty, your couch falls down a full flight and puts a hole through the wall. Don't move in summer.—Danny, Bay Ridge

It’s all about the moving outfit Sure you’ll likely sweat a lot more moving in the summer but at least you can do it while wearing a tank top. Who wants to move in the winter while wearing a big, puffy down coat? I'll choose moving in a tank top and shorts over a down jacket and boots any day.—Chloe, Upper East Side

Verdict: It’s close but looks like now’s the perfect time to pack up!



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