What NYC moms really want for Mother's Day

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | May 3, 2016 - 1:59PM 

Public service announcement # 1: Sunday is Mother’s Day. PSA #2: If you’re buying a gift for a NYC-based mom (or mom-to-be) she’d probably greatly appreciate something that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Because in a town where so many moms are a room or two short, gifts that don’t take up a lot of space—or just vertical space—are much appreciated.

Note: These are all home-based gifts. But we don't know a single mom who woudn't appreciate a gift certificate for a massage, a manicure and/or pedicure, facial or blow-out—companies like GlamSquad even offer these services to moms without having to leave their apartments and/or book a babysitter. (Given how some of us at Brick are New York City moms, you can trust us on these picks.)  Feel free to pair those pampering gifts with these more practical ones: 

New moms, and all moms for that matter, appreciate coffee. Pre-7 a.m. wake-ups make it highly necessary. Craft Coffee is a coffee-of-the-month subsciption service that starts at $29.95, and is perfect for that sleep-deprived mama in your life.

We don't know any NYC moms with space for a true vanity area, but hanging this set of four scalloped mirrors from Land of Nod ($49) from the wall seems to be the next best thing. The mirrors make a statement on the wall, are practical for putting on make up, and use no-footprint wall space. We call that a win-win-win.

Help the mom in your life make it through New York City's quirky weather (and perhaps a far-too-air-conditioned apartment in the summer) with a luxe faux fur throw ($109-$189) from Restoration Hardware. She'll stay warm through a Netflix binge on the couch, and also feel good about the fact that no animals were harmed in the effort to keep her feet warm.

It's a bit of a splurge, but if you want to up your game and go beyond the bodega-bought roses this year, consider a three-month subscription from Flower Girl NYC for $255. Each month, your gift recepient receives a flower arrangement or plant delivered to her door. 

If the mom in your life is someone who likes to have a stiff drink at the end of a long day (and when you're a mom, most days are long, hence the need for coffee, too), we suggest a one-time $50 order (or more if you're feeling spendy) to SaloonBox, a curated cocktail delivery service. Artisanal drinks are the name of the game, and they all come in small bottles that won't take up much pantry space.


This vertical garden kit is called the Happy Family Kit,  for goodness sake. It also takes a bouquet of flowers to the next level, just make sure the mom you’re buying for has something of a green thumb before you buy it or it may cause her stress.  Plants sold separately.

If the mom on your list is a mom-to-be and you're just want to get her a little something, we recommend this keepsake pregnancy journal from Uncommon Goods. It'll take up just a sliver of space on her shelf, and be something she keeps coming back to forever.


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