Stylish pet beds that will look good in your New York City apartment

By Mimi O'Connor | February 6, 2019 - 12:00PM 

Tuft + Paw's cat furniture has a sleek, futuristic look.

While most New York City cats and dogs lack the indoor space of their suburban counterparts, our money says four-legged New Yorkers are probably some of the most spoiled in the country.

This extravagance, of course, includes, their beds (obviously used mostly in the daytime, because, well, spoiled pets sleep in the big bed). But as with everything that takes up space in tight New York City apartments, those pets beds have to look good. Brick Underground went on the hunt for stylish spots for Max and Bella to lounge, and found lots of options, from affordable to statement-making fabulous.

Here are our picks for design-forward pet beds.

Sphere by Tuft and Paw, $299

Vaguely Death Star in nature, this sleek cat cave (also seen in the top photo) is made of cotton, wood and metal, and has a soft pillow inside.

Round velvet pet bed by Tainoki, at TJ Maxx, $70

Clear acrylic and pink velvet for the furry Barbarella in your life. (Yes, you can shop TJ Maxx online, and they have many amazing pet beds.)

The Casper dog bed by Casper, $125

Not just the people mattress in dog-size, but one designed especially for canine behavior and comfort.

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Lion + Wolf

Chevron dog pillow, Lion + Wolf, from $160

Lion + Wolf specializes in colorful pet beds for cats and dogs.

Dog Tower 9 by Pijuan Design Workshop, $2,150

This Los Angeles-based company creates multi-functional pet homes with serious mid-century style. The wood veneer come in a choice of four finishes over a solid core.

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Cat bed by PurrFurPL at Etsy, $107

Here’s a more affordable, realistic take on the look—one that doubles as a nightstand.

Ziggy Stardust cat bed by AgnesFelt, at Etsy, $104

A super cool cave for your super cool cat.

Large dog bed, The Baba Tree Basket Company, $265

Based in Ghana, The Baba Tree Basket Company's pets beds are handmade by a craftspeople who are fairly compensated.

Large National Park dog bed, Pendleton, $139

A laundry-friendly take on the company’s iconic wool blankets, available in several colorful and classic designs.

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Floor pillow cover, Basiccraft at Etsy, $7

You’ll need to buy a cushion insert for this boho bed, but at this price that seems reasonable.


Mimi O'Connor

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