For animal lovers: How to find a pet-friendly building and live happily ever after

By Lucy Cohen Blatter  | April 18, 2012 - 3:27PM

Like most elements of life here in New York City, having a dog isn't easy. We hope to make it a bit more manageable with this week's SurvivalList, rounding up some of our most apropos posts on the topic...

After zeroing in on a dog-appropriate neighborhood and a putatively dog-friendly building, you may also need to persuade your landlord or the co-op board to give the nod to your pup.

Once you're in, the day-to-day challenges begin. Lack of outdoor access translates into a lot of walks--and pricey dogwalkers, who may need as much supervision as your pet.  You'll also need to brush-up on your petiquette to get along with the neighbors, who may be, um, less than thrilled with Fido’s barking habits.

Cats, while a bit easier to manage, aren't natural high-rise dwellers.  And they don’t always mix well with hardwood floors and, by extension, landlords. 

Below, you'll find these and more posts designed to help you and your pet co-habitate in NYC.

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